Price list

Diagnostics & evaluation – free of charge if we repair your system – it is simply included in the repair cost.

We will have to charge you however, if we spend significant time and effort diagnosing your system and you decide against the repair or repair is not possible. We are running a business after all and our engineers have to be compensated for their time. Two most typical examples are: data recovery attempts which can take several hours and diagnosing (failed) notebook motherboard which involves disassembling the notebook and series of tests. $25 to $50 depending on the amount of time invested into troubleshooting.

Price List
Quick fix
Any repair requiring no more than 15 minutes (usually correcting a setting)
Short Repair
Troubleshooting and repair performed while you wait not exceeding 1 hour (i. e. virus or adware removal)
Standard Repair
Any repairs to your computer not requiring to re-install Windows
Windows re-installation I
without applications and data backup/restoration
Windows re-installation II
with data backup and restoration
Windows re-installation III
with extended application, settings and data restoration
Expediting your repair
your computer jumps to the front of the queue with the intent of being fix the same day (if possible) if we have to stay late (past 7 p.m.) to finish your repair:
Instant Support via Remote Access
per incident
On-site service (House Calls)
$125.00 / $55.00
For the first hour / for each additional hour
If your computer requires extended service that takes a couple of hours (i.e. reinstalling Windows) we recommend exchanging on-site service into pick-up-and-delivery. Our engineer will take the computer to our repair shop and will return it the next day. Standard rate for pick up and delivery is equal to a 2-hour on-site service at $180.