Computers Repair – House Calls

Onsite Visits

If we are unable to troubleshoot your problem remotely or bringing in your computer(s) is not an option or simply burdensome, we can provide house calls to address your computing needs. Onsite visits are often required in cases that involve network or no-connectivity issues and are also ideal if you simply prefer not to transfer your computer to our office for a diagnosis and repair.
Pricing for onsite visits:
First hour – $125
Additional hour(s) – $55
Pick-up and delivery is also available for long service sessions. With this option you can simply schedule a pick-up and receive your repaired computer delivered to you the next day.
Pick-up and delivery service – $180
Initial Diagnosis
We offer a free evaluation and diagnosis when repair services are performed on your select device. Meaning, the cost of the initial evaluation is included in your repair cost.
If however you decide not to have repairs done or a repair is not possible, we do require a payment of between $25-$50 for time and effort.
Situations in which this is pertinent are data recovery (which may not be possible from time to time), as well as diagnosing a motherboard which involves taking the computer apart and performing certain tests.
In general, the baseline payment that is due in the event that repair services are not administered, allows us to properly compensate our employees