Networks and servers

DVC Networks and Servers

Most people who have a High Speed Internet connection are part of a network by default due to their wired or wireless router. And since the word “networks” is a broad term that covers a few different services, we’ve simplified it here by listing some of the more common network services offered. Setting up a network for your home or office
Whether you’d like to wire your home or have a business that needs to be connected, we can help you by setting up a wired or wireless network at your establishment. And when deciding which option (wireless or wired) is best for you, its important to consider the pros and cons of each. For instance, even though wireless may seem like the best option overall, there are a few setbacks with this type of connection. Wireless networks are usually not as reliable as wired networks and are sometimes absent or slow performing. This and other issues should be weighed before selecting your desired type of network. Network sharing Once we’ve setup your home or office network you can enjoy the many benefits of networking.

Some of them include sharing files and printing options. Computers that are interconnected can utilize the same printer as well as share files. Networking also makes it easy to provide a systematic backup of important files all directed to a central backup drive. Troubleshooting networks For wireless networks, the most common problem that people encounter are issues related to distance or range for their wireless signal. Since there are multiple types of obstructions and interference surrounding us, our wireless signals are usually not performing at their optimal capacity.
We can help you address this by figuring out the best means of extending your wireless range or whether or not the installation of a hard line is necessary. *Premises wiring is just that; it involves installing hard line connections in your home or office when it is the best or most desirable connection sought. Losing access to the Internet Even though we are not an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we can almost always help you get back online. Generally, if you’ve lost your connection to the Internet you may have an internal network issue or a problem with your ISP. And since in most cases it’s not your ISP, we can help by troubleshooting your computer or router.