Instant Support / Remote Support

We also gladly offer remote support to our customers

Remote Support

This involves us gaining access to your computer via a secure Internet connection which will allow us troubleshoot from the inside out. This option works well when your computer is still operating and has an Internet connection but may be experiencing problems that result in annoying error messages popping up from time to time. The process is simple and only requires that you download a program from our website to facilitate a remote connection.
This will allow us to troubleshoot your computer as if we were sitting right there. And you have the choice to hang out on the phone during the entire ordeal or leave and come back once everything is fixed. Either way, there is no need to come in or schedule an onsite visit if your problem can be fixed remotely.

How does it all work?

Step 1: Affirm whether or not your computer is still functional and if you are able to connect to the Internet
Step 2: Visit our website and click on the “Remote Support” button or click here.
Step 3: When prompted, run the file in order to install the necessary program
Step 4: Once the program is installed an ID number and password will appear. Record the information and supply it to our technician when calling. Once the technician has this information they will be able to remotely diagnose and treat your computer.
*Please note that even during a remote repair session you still have control over your computer. If at anytime you would like to end your session you have the power to do so and the password you provided the technician with will change each time you establish a similar connection. This is so that no technician will ever have access to your computer without your permission.