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We will gladly address any and all of the computer problems you may currently be experiencing. Below is a list of some of the most common issues we encounter. Common computer problems:

Malware and Viruses

This topic covers a range of bugs that may infect your computer. The terms commonly associated with infection are: malware, virus, trojans, adware, bots, hijacker, rootkits, worms and ransomware.
All of these terms are used to describe some form of malicious activity that may affect your computer’s operation and performance. Symptoms of an infection may be anything from slow computer performance and system file corruptions to the loss of personal data or the appearance of a blue screen.

Defective Hardware

Another problem that you may encounter, independent of the previous ones, is a severe hardware-only issue. The problem of defective hardware is just as important as a system error as it will interfere with your ability to operate or start up your device. Also in some cases of defective hardware you may be able to start up your computer but with no screen activity. Some examples of hardware malfunctions are: a problem with the power supply which prevents a computer from starting up, beeping which may indicate an issue with the motherboard and a computer that appears to start up only to not progress much pass the “power light”. These and many other examples all point to the same issue, a hardware default that prohibits a computer from displaying anything on the screen.

Window & System Errors

Both connected to your computer’s operating system, Windows and system errors are categorized and treated differently. Windows errors generally are easier to treat than system errors and are made known once a computer is already up and running. System errors on the other hand inhibit a computer from starting in the first place and therefore require prompt attention. Windows errors often come in the form of pop-up windows or error messages on your computer. They indicate a problem that needs attention and may be a few different things. Some smaller malfunctions may not affect your daily operation too much while others may cause your computer to stop operating temporarily.
Regardless of the severity of the issue, whenever these errors are present, essential computer files should be backed up in the event that the problem escalates to a complete system shutdown. System errors, the more serious of the two, occurs when your computer is unable to boot or load correctly. This will be due either to a faulty piece of hardware that is present or a very serious problem with Windows. Both issues can be addressed. With a Windows issue, any lost of data can be restored in most cases, while with a hardware issue defective pieces can be replaced. You’ll likely opt to fix a defective piece with the exception of the motherboard; this may or may not be worth your investment.


A slow performing computer can cause a world of frustration for any user. Though your speed issues will likely be connected to a malware problem, other causes may also come into play. Some of these include; a corrupted or misconfigured Windows operating system, a depreciating hard drive, poor memory and a slow processor that may need to be upgraded. Other performance-related complications not mentioned here can also be addressed by our team of computer engineers.